Ask your MP to attend our campaign launch

Contact your MP using the FDA’s campaign tool, which lets you email your MP directly.

The FDA is seeking to build a network of influence to support and champion our 'Delivering for the Nation' campaign. We want to build support from opinion formers and decision-makers both within and outside of Parliament.

You can help by writing to your Member of Parliament and urging them to attend the Parliamentary launch of the campaign on Wednesday 24 April.

It will help the campaign if you can copy the email to us, which you can do on the following page.

To get started enter your post code and click the button:

Guidance on writing
to your MP

Do not use your work email address for contacting your MP. 

Try to make the message to your MP as individual as possible. MPs are more likely to respond in substance to individual constituents rather than an organised lobby.

You can access the FDA's guide to contacting your MP here, which also includes guidance on political activity for civil servants.  

Key points you may want to include in any email to your MP:

1) Explain who you are:
A civil servant and a constituent.

2) Explain why you are writing:
To urge attendance at an event being held in Parliament and organised by your union.

3) Outline details of the FDA:
A non-political union of 19,000 senior public servants and professionals.

4) Outline details of event:
A Parliamentary reception to launch the FDA's white paper on civil service reform, which takes place on Wednesday 24 April from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, in room G at the House of Lords.

5)     What's in the white paper?
The FDA's proposals for reform and improvement with a view to "securing a world-class civil service".

6) Why is this important?
To protect and reinforce the independence and impartiality of the civil service.

7) Why are you concerned?
Public debate on civil service reform is often intemperate and unbalanced.

8) What do you want?
An evidence-based and consensus approach to reform. Greater public recognition of the contribution made to the nation’s economy and civic society by you and your colleagues. A brief example or explanation of this would be helpful.

9) What do you want your MP to do? Attend the launch event and support the FDA campaign. 

Encourage as many members as possible to use the facility, and non-members to join and take part in the campaign.