Campaign objectives

The campaign will draw together a number of strands of FDA activity in order to:

- promote the effective delivery of public services and raise awareness of how the work of FDA members benefits the nation and its citizens;

- advance the case for pay reform and secure action to improve the pay and reward of FDA members;

- position the FDA at the centre of public debate on civil service reform;

- reinforce the independence and impartiality of the civil service;

- firmly establish the FDA as a modern, progressive and non-party political trade union; and
build a network of influence to support and champion the campaign.

'Delivering for the Nation' will develop over time and be wide ranging in its scope. It is a long term commitment and will represent a key element of the FDA's activity over the period ahead.

Delivering for the Nation campaign

Share your ideas

We also want your ideas for further improvements and reform. What would support the delivery of a world-class civil service?

We are seeking positive ideas for reform, as well as information on existing barriers to improved service delivery and/or issues that may hold you back in the performance of your role.

You can support the campaign by submitting your ideas and experiences to: dftn@fda.org.uk.

Get involved

To help in building the campaign we need to set out examples of how the civil service - and FDA members - have already delivered improvements to public services, initiated reform or improved efficiency.

You can support the campaign by submitting your examples to: dftn@fda.org.uk

Delivering for the Nation: Securing a World-Class Civil Service

The FDA launched its alternative White Paper on civil service reform at a Parliamentary reception in Spring 2013. The launch also marked the beginning of the FDA's major campaign, directed towards highlighting how the work of the union's members benefits the nation and its citizens, and promoting the FDA's case for reform.

Speakers-at-the FDA-Delivering-for-the-Nation-campaign-launch-event

The main speakers at the alternative White Paper launch

The reform plan - ‘Delivering for the Nation: Securing a World-Class Civil Service’ - has been developed by union members serving the Government and the public, and sets out 20 recommendations that it believes will help to deliver the sustainable world-class civil service that the public have a right to expect. 

The alternative White Paper was launched at a Parliamentary event addressed by Francis Maude, the Minister responsible for the Cabinet Office (and civil service reform), and Baroness Hayter, the Labour spokesperson for the Cabinet Office. The event was chaired by Lord Bichard. 

The FDA’s alternative White Paper sets out 20 recommendations over three broad themes: equipping the civil service to deliver in the modern context; getting accountability and impartiality right; and how to improve morale and motivation. 


Connect PA's Steve Barwick with Simon Hughes MP
Introducing the paper, FDA general secretary Dave Penman said: “In the face of these very difficult times we are choosing a path of engagement to influence our members’ working lives. We believe passionately that this is the path that will ultimately deliver more for our members, but that also raises a challenge to the Government of the day – they need to respond, and be seen to respond to unions that choose that path. 

“I believe that this White Paper demonstrates the FDA’s commitment to engagement and dialogue – over the coming months we will look to see if a similar commitment is demonstrated by Government.” 

Dave Penman, Matt Ross and Baroness Bottomley
FDA general secretary Dave Penman, in conversation with Civil Service World's Matt Ross and Baroness Bottomley

Former permanent secretary Lord Bichard, who chaired the launch event, told Penman: “I want to congratulate you and your staff on the initiative – I think this is the right way forward. This is a developing debate, but the fact that there is a debate developing is really important.” 

Francis Maude referred to the White Paper as a “thoughtful, constructive approach, recognising that there’s a debate”. He also admitted that “no-one has a monopoly it terms of the ‘how’ of reform.”

Nick Raynsford
Nick Raynsford MP contributes to the debate

Baroness Hayter said now is “a good time to have discussions on civil service reform, as all three parties have been in power recently… the report may kick-start a new, wider, cross party debate. We would certainly welcome such an initiative – for the sake of all our parties and in the interest of good Government.” 

The publication of the alternative White Paper marks the beginning of the FDA’s ‘Delivering for the Nation’ campaign, highlighting the value of public services. The campaign aims to raise awareness of just how much the work of FDA members benefits everyone living in the UK, and why the work should be fairly rewarded. 

FDA general secretary Dave Penman with Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude