30 November Day of Action - members' photographs and testimonies

The FDA banner at the London rally



FDA President Jeff Brice (third from the left) at a rally in Newcastle
30 Nov Jeff Brice
An FDA picket outside the Crown court in Belfast

FDA picket outside the Crown Court in Belfast

FDA member Jan Smith: "As an FDA (Ofsted) member who has taken action in Sheffield today, it was brilliant to see such a huge turnout and the best day's pay I've spent."

FDA Executive Committee member David Watt (on the left of the picture): "FDA HMIE members were out on strike today for the first time in the 170 year old history of HM Inspectors in Scotland. Members joined in rallies in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow."


ARC Bristol member John McDonough: "An inspiring day; we were applauded as we paraded through the shopping area with the sun shining on us. We have just done a head count of yesterday- 26 ARC members from a centre of 99 came on the march and we were joined by colleagues from MOD. A fantastic turnout."

Picketing outside CPS London


FDA national officer Jim Caldwell with First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond
30 Nov Salmond

"Great rally in Lancaster town centre. About 2000 people, I reckon. Good camaraderie with other unions and local bystanders. Ironically, the march ended up outside the old Revenue tax office which used to employ 70 people but is now closed. I used to work there - it was a great office."


Plymouth Land Registry member Giles Berry (on the right of the picture): "I was on the picket line from just after 6.30 to just before 9am, with poster held high on my shoulder for much of the time. I think I showed there was FDA presence/message, and the good dozen CPS people (including two daughters in support) appreciated that. I felt proud and privileged to be there for our members."

Culture sector members picketing outside the Victoria and Albert museum in London
30 Nov VandA
FDA Executive Committee member David Anstead: "Some 500 strikers marched through and around the market square (Chesterfield is not very big). Your EC member for Ofsted and Estyn was made very welcome by the other unions".


ARC members Ian Morgan, Nic Holland and Jonathan Lewis at a Manchester rally
David Gauke MP, Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, with FDA General Secretary Jonathan Baume and ARC President Graham Black 
FDA members outside the National Assembly in Cardiff


ARC Committee member Gareth Hills (pictured with fellow ARC Bristol member Linnet van Tinteren): "Over 20 ARC members - and one FDA colleague from MOD - joined in what was being estimated as 20,000 people by marching under our brand new ARC Bristol banner, carrying FDA flags, handing out the FDA leaflets and blowing whistles donated in solidarity from PCS. As we marched through the city centre we were applauded by shoppers and those on lunch breaks and arrived at castle park at around 1pm. The park was awash with the colour of numerous flags and banners- a truly uplifting experience."


FDA Executive Committee member Tim Knight and member Sarah Kissack on the Department for Work and Pensions HQ picket line
Helen Eadie MSP, FDA national officer Jim Caldwell, FDA Executive Committee member Fiona Eadie and FDA member Jemma Eadie at the Edinburgh rally


FDA General Secretary Jonathan Baume, FDA equalities champion Sarah Guerra and ARC member Wendy Bradley outside 100 Parliament Street

FDA members picketing in Belfast
FDA Executive Committee member John McCullagh and member Rupert Holderness at the Ministry of Defence HQ picket line


Members outside Land Registry's Croydon Office

FDA official picket outside the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service building in Edinburgh
FDA Deputy General Secretary Dave Penman and FDA General Secretary Jonathan Baume outside Portcullis House in Westminster

FDA Executive Committee member Lesley Owen and FDA member Robin Malpas outside the Leicester Land Registry
30 Nov Leic Land Reg
A picket line at Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Inverness

Picketing outside the Serious Fraud Office headquarters

At the Welsh Government (photo by Phil Rees)

Public Sector strike Cardiff
Picketing outside Richmond House, central London

FDA members at the Edinburgh rally
Picketing outside the Treasury Solicitor's headquarters - One Kemble Street, central London



FDA Executive Committee member Russell Yates outside the Home Office
FDA national officer Caroline Milton with members outside Department for Transport HQ 

Picketing outside HM Revenue and Customs offices at Castle Meadow, Nottingham


FDA national officer Jawad Raza and FDA Executive Committee member Peter Stephens outside BIS HQ


FDA members at the rally in Leicester


Picket line outside the Department for Energy and Climate Change headquarters in central London


Picketing at DEFRA


FDA national officer Jawad Raza at the picket line at the Department for Education headquarters


Picket line outside The Adelphi, a Department for Work and Pensons building in central London


FDA General Secretary joins members at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office London headquarters


Picketing at Home Office HQ


Ministry of Defence picket line


Striking members at the Office of Fair Trading


FDA members in the Crown Prosecution Service picketing outside Rose Court


FDA members at the picketing outside Scottish Parliament
Members outside a Welsh Government building
FDA members outside HM Treasury