What can I do?

If you are a member of the FDA:

We are asking you to support the FDA's campaign for fair pay and fair pensions, and take action in the following ways:

• write to your MP - or, even better, arrange to meet your MP - to let them know your views on the Government's proposals (use the following as a guide: Draft letter to your local MP);

• tear off the postcard at the back of your FDA Fair Pay, Fair Pensions campaign pack and send it to your MP.

• respond to the consultation on pension contribution increases by 20 October 2011 (read the FDA's how-to guide: Responding to the consultation on pension contribution increases - member guidance); and

• strengthen the union's position by encouraging non-members to join us.

If you are a non-member:

We are working hard to protect our members' interests - harder than ever before, with the threat to pensions. We need you to become a part of our campaign.

By joining the FDA you can strengthen our arm in negotiations with the Government, your employer. The only way for you to influence the upcoming pension negotiations is to raise your voice by joining the thousands of others in the FDA.

• the FDA is campaigning for a fair deal on pensions and pay, and has always taken a view that sustainable public sector pensions are an integral part of your total reward package. The Government's own evidence shows that pay levels in the civil service for senior grades are significantly below the rest of the public sector and the private sector. This needs to be addressed;

• we have shown consistently that we are prepared to look at measures to maintain the sustainability of the civil service scheme. The proposed increase in contributions has nothing to do with the sustainability of the scheme and is simply an additional levy on public sector workers - at the time of a pay freeze - to support the Government's fiscal requirements;

• the FDA is opposed to the imposition of any additional contributions and we believe that issues around sustainability must be  considered as part of the wider pensions negotiations. This would allow any new scheme to find a balance between benefits payable and the costs to both employees and employers, as part of an overall package.

Ten reasons to join the FDA

To  become a member of the FDA today, go to: Join us