Ask your MP to attend our campaign launch

Contact your MP using the FDA’s campaign tool, which lets you email your MP directly.

The FDA is seeking to build a network of influence to support and champion our 'Delivering for the Nation' campaign. We want to build support from opinion formers and decision-makers both within and outside of Parliament.

You can help by writing to your Member of Parliament and urging them to attend the Parliamentary launch of the campaign on Wednesday 24 April.

It will help the campaign if you can copy the email to us, which you can do on the following page.

To get started enter your post code and click the button:

Guidance on writing to your MP

Do not use your work email address for contacting your MP.


Try to make the message to your MP as individual as possible. MPs are more likely to respond in substance to individual constituents rather than an organised lobby.


You can access the FDA's guide to contacting your MP here, which also includes guidance on political activity for civil servants. 


Key points you may want to include in any email to your MP:

  •  make your MP aware that you are suffering a pay cut in real terms as a consequence of a two- or three-year pay freeze followed by a 1% cap on future pay rises;
  • provide details of the amount of the actual pay cut you are suffering as a consequence of the pensions levy, by using the Cabinet Office contributions calculator
  • try to give details and real examples of the impact the pension levy will have on your household;
  • reinforce the message that the contribution increase is simply a levy on public servants and has no impact on the viability of the pension scheme; and
  • let your MP know that the Government's own research shows that your role is paid between 21.7% and 97.6% behind equivalent jobs in the private sector (more detail can be found in the FDA’s first submission to Lord Hutton’s Independent Public Service Pensions Commission).

Encourage as many members as possible to use the facility, and non-members to join and take part in the campaign.