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Who can join?

  • Staff in central Government,civil service departments, agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (including the devolved administrations) at levels equivalent to civil service grade 7 or above, as well as Fast Stream trainees and equivalent training grades (including legal trainees). 
  • Staff at equivalent levels working for private sector organisations which were formerly part of the public service.
  • Others in similar roles, at the discretion of the FDA Executive Committee.
  • HEOs or SEOs (or their equivalent) can join the FDA's newest section, Keystone, which specialises in representing civil service managers and professionals at these grades. For more on how Keystone can help with your career development, provide advice and representation, share quality member benefits whilst also acting as your voice in the workplace, please visit
  • If you are a healthcare manager looking for personal representation, networks and influence, then join more than 6,000 members in Managers in Partnership (MiP) - our independent joint venture with Unison - by going to

Do you have a question about eligibility? Please call us on 020 7401 5555 or email