The FDA is the only union that solely represents senior public service staff - from Fast Streamers, grades 7 and 6 through to the SCS.

Ten reasons to join

1.  The FDA is the only union that solely represents senior public service staff.

 We ensure that senior managers and professionals have a voice in their workplace. We represent members on issues including pay, terms and conditions, and pensions.

2.  Should you ever need help at work, the FDA specialises in assisting members in the civil service. Each year we help hundreds of senior managers who are facing difficulties in the workplace.

We handle issues ranging from appraisal appeals to disciplinary cases, right through to employment tribunals, with a high success rate. (We reserve the right not to take up cases where the event giving rise to the case occurred before that person became a member.)

3.  We have a number of professional networks for members.

These include networks for:

4. We work with your employer to ensure equal opportunities for all members across the civil service.

5.  Members receive a subscription to the award-winning Public Service Magazine, plus regular email newsletters updating them on public and civil service issues, and the work the FDA is doing on their behalf.

6.  FDA members also have access to dedicated member services via FDA Portfolio, providing financial and legal advice as well as exclusive discounts.

7.  Members can access learning opportunities tailored to senior managers' needs through our FDA Learn programme.

8.  Membership of the FDA is encouraged by your most senior colleagues.

Becoming a member of the FDA can provide opportunities for you to actively help improve things in your workplace.

9.  Unfortunately, problems at work can happen to anyone at anytime. The FDA is the union with the knowledge and expertise to help should that happen to you.

However, if you join with an existing problem at work we will not be able to help you.

10. Subscription rates are now frozen until 2022!

Recognising the financial pressures facing members due to the continued policy of civil service pay restraint, the FDA has taken the bold and confident action of freezing subscription rates. A motion committing to a five-year freeze was passed with overwhelming support at the 2017 Annual Delegate Conference.

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