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Media update: 2 July 2013

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1 July

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman appeared on the BBC News Channel and the BBC hourly news throughout the day responding to the imminent report from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), which has been reported will recommend a £10,000 rise in MPs' salaries.

Penman said: "Public service pay and MPs’ pay has been the result of political game-playing between the parties, which has resulted in it being artificially held down.

He told the BBC that MPs are facing the same "long-term pay stagnation" that FDA members in the civil service are also experiencing: "This leads to these sorts of headline numbers and that’s what becomes politically untenable for the Government of the day, or for individual MPs."

"We believe that MPs, like other public servants, should have their pay set fairly and independently, so for us it’s not so much about whether the MPs deserve the pay rise it’s the disparity in the way MPs are being treated compared to how our members as civil servants and the rest of the public sector is being treated.

"What we need is an adult conversation about how MPs’ pay is set, about how it’s dealt with in a fair way that both the public and MPs see is fair, and that that applies to the rest of the public sector as well."

The interviews are not available online.

Penman's response was also reported by City A.M, a London daily newspaper:
FDA union general secretary: MPs pay has been artificially held down

Additionally, the FDA issued a press release:
Everyone should be paid the rate for the job - MPs and civil servants



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