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Media update: 21 February 2013

FDA/ARC mentions

21 February

ARC's press release from Tuesday - Tackling tax avoidance: Public Accounts Committee needs to recognise the need for more HMRC resource and proper reward for staff, says ARC - was reported today by Accountancy Age.

ARC President Gareth Hills was quoted, stating it to be "disappointing" that the committee placed little emphasis on providing HMRC with further investment "over and above" the £77m announced in last year's Autumn Statement.

Hill said: "The scale of the overall budget deficit of £126bn, and the tax gap of £32bn, are such that the government needs to put significant investment into HMRC," he said. "Even relatively small scale investment of £120m would recoup currently lost tax of £3.7bn."

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General interest

21 February

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