Press releases

03/04/2014 - FDA welcomes today’s ‘GovernUp’ project launch

13/03/2014 - Failure to address pay crisis puts future capability of the civil service at risk, says FDA

07/03/2014 - On the eve of International Women’s Day, ARC asks the Government to address the increasing gender pay gap

19/02/2014 - Widening civil service gender pay gap is a failure of successive Governments’ pay policies

14/02/2014 - ARC members take strike action in HMRC

10/02/2014 - Almost a third of senior civil servants want to leave as soon as possible: major survey reveals endemic discontent

05/02/2014 - ARC members to strike over imposed quotas and new terms and conditions

23/01/2014 - FDA responds to launch of BIS consultation on potential changes to the Land Registry

19/12/2013 - Closing the tax gap requires political will, says ARC

12/12/2013 - Resources must match priorities for civil service reform to be taken seriously, says FDA

05/12/2013 - ARC Autumn Statement response: The real economic madness is to not invest in HMRC

05/12/2013 - Government continually cutting departmental budgets while expecting exceptional civil service results is unrealistic, says FDA

26/11/2013 - Scottish Government White Paper: ‘Scotland’s Future – your guide to an independent Scotland’

11/10/2013 - ARC responds to HMRC 35bn 2011 to 2012 tax gap estimate

06/09/2013 - Civil service reform should not be decided by parliamentarians alone, says FDA

05/09/2013 - Iain Duncan Smith's comments highlight growing blame culture in Government, says senior public servants' union

24/07/2013 - Welsh Government corrects iniquities of SCS pay system, says FDA

10/07/2013 - Professionalism, not politicisation, is the key to good ministerial support

01/07/2013 - Everyone should be paid the rate for the job - MPs and civil servants

26/06/2013 - Spending Review 2013: More misery heaped upon public services and public servants

24/06/2013 - Fiscals’ union survey ‘should be wake up call for Ministers’ about ‘serious problems within COPFS’

19/06/2013 - Government must take action on pay and reward or risk an exodus of key staff, says FDA

17/06/2013 - Institutionalising the revolving door is not the key to a successful civil service

03/06/2013 - Ministerial appointment of permanent secretaries 'a step too far' says FDA

03/06/2013 - At the centenary of Suffragette Emily Davison’s death, pay inequality still exists for female workers says ARC

03/06/2013 - PASC report is right to state that civil servants should remain 'the guardians of the policy process', says FDA

20/05/2013 - FDA questions whether Government will back rhetoric with resources in Department of Health front line experience plan

16/05/2013 - PASC chair calls for independent Parliamentary Commission on future of civil service at FDA annual conference

16/05/2013 - Government has ‘no strategy, only dogma’ over civil service, says FDA union leader

26/04/2013 - PAC misses the point, again