Press releases

21/10/2016 - HMRC reports £36 billion tax gap: another missed opportunity for Government due to lack of investment, says HMRC union

12/10/2016 - Government can’t rely on ‘make do and mend’ approach to civil service delivering Brexit, says FDA

26/09/2016 - Appointing Former PM Chief of Staff as Paris Ambassador ‘undermines professionalism of Diplomatic Service’, says FDA

17/08/2016 - HMRC consultation: Proper resourcing is needed to tackle tax avoidance, says ARC union

24/06/2016 - Civil service must be properly resourced to deliver Government commitments following UK exit from EU, says FDA

12/05/2016 - Vital public services put at risk with civil servants paying a high price for swingeing Government cuts, says FDA union

21/04/2016 - After reform of MPs' pay, civil servants deserve better than sticking plaster approach from review body, says FDA

21/04/2016 - Treasury does not trust departments to manage their own resources, says FDA

24/03/2016 - Talent Action Plan 2016 :Government must work with unions to improve diversity, says FDA

21/03/2016 - FDA welcomes Fair Work Framework’s recognition of trade unions’ ‘crucial role’ in creating and maintaining fair workplaces throughout Scotland

16/03/2016 - Smoke and mirrors Budget is a political con trick that doesn’t match commitment to resources, says FDA

29/02/2016 - The FDA welcomes clear guidance from Cabinet Office on EU referendum

11/02/2016 - FDA welcomes NAO’s recommendations on civil service pension administration

05/02/2016 - Treasury proposals a breach of trust on deal reached with Francis Maude, says FDA

29/01/2016 - Any Google tax settlement concerns lie with lawmakers, not tax officials, says HMRC union

26/01/2016 - FDA calls on pay review body to act, as evidence shows rising inequality for senior civil servants

25/11/2015 - ARC cautiously welcomes Chancellor’s £2.1bn reinvestment package in HMRC while voicing concern over 15% departmental budget cut

25/11/2015 - Spending Review 2015: FDA questions how Government can ‘cut resources so dramatically while ensuring quality public services are maintained’

28/10/2015 - ARC welcomes tax gap reduction but warns against complacency while further HMRC resource is still needed