Press releases

05/02/2016 - Treasury proposals a breach of trust on deal reached with Francis Maude, says FDA

29/01/2016 - Any Google tax settlement concerns lie with lawmakers, not tax officials, says HMRC union

26/01/2016 - FDA calls on pay review body to act, as evidence shows rising inequality for senior civil servants

25/11/2015 - ARC cautiously welcomes Chancellor’s £2.1bn reinvestment package in HMRC while voicing concern over 15% departmental budget cut

25/11/2015 - Spending Review 2015: FDA questions how Government can ‘cut resources so dramatically while ensuring quality public services are maintained’

28/10/2015 - ARC welcomes tax gap reduction but warns against complacency while further HMRC resource is still needed

12/10/2015 - Pay, not culture, is the real obstacle to reinvigorating the Senior Civil Service, says FDA

15/09/2015 - Crown Prosecution Service needs sustainable levels of funding to meet demands placed upon it, says FDA

15/09/2015 - Public sector redundancy cap is ‘fundamentally flawed’, says FDA

15/09/2015 - FDA condemns Government’s ‘hypocrisy in its most brutal and blatant form’ in denying unions statutory electronic balloting

14/09/2015 - Lack of trade union membership is costing the economy billions, finds new study

04/08/2015 - ARC welcomes HMRC decision to bring IT contracts back under its direct control

31/07/2015 - Government's proposal to cap public sector redundancy schemes

31/07/2015 - test60

15/07/2015 - PwC report criticising National Library of Wales is ‘is shocking but not surprising’, says FDA

08/07/2015 - ARC President Tony Wallace welcomes Chancellor’s re-investment of £750million in HMRC

08/07/2015 - Budget excludes public servants from benefits of economic recovery, says FDA

25/06/2015 - Progress on diversity and inclusion ‘will only be achieved by full co-operation between unions and civil service’, says FDA

27/05/2015 - Redundancy payment cap will have far wider impact than just so-called ‘fat cats’, says FDA

22/05/2015 - Politicians are more than aware that civil servants may become collateral damage when they choose to leak documents, says FDA General Secretary

14/05/2015 - FDA calls on a New Deal for civil servants from the New Government

27/03/2015 - Talent Action Plan will only be achieved by co-operating with unions, says FDA

26/03/2015 - ARC welcomes Public Accounts Committee’s recommendations on improving tax collection

18/03/2015 - Blanket ban on civil service media contact is ‘unnecessary, unworkable and unjustified’, says FDA

17/03/2015 - FDA supports PASC’s recommendation for a new approach to civil service pay

12/03/2015 - Government continues to put capability of the civil service at risk by failing to address pay gap, says FDA

25/02/2015 - Inspectorate of Prosecution report is ‘a wake-up call’ for Scottish Government, says FDA

18/02/2015 - FDA welcomes proposal for an inquiry into recent National Library of Wales Employment Tribunal

11/02/2015 - Employment tribunal judgement finds ‘no basis for charge of gross misconduct’ against FDA members