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Public Service Magazine - for senior managers and professionals

Public Service Magazine is the FDA's award-winning glossy magazine, containing news and features written specifically for senior managers and professionals in the public service.

The magazine is published quarterly and sent to all FDA members and subscribers, including journalists and members of both the Houses of Commons and Lords.

The Summer 2015 issue of Public Service Magazine includes:

  • an interview with HM Revenue and Customs Chief Executive Lin Homer;
  • a more in-depth look at the reasons behind the launch of Keystone and the FDA extending its membership to HEOs, SEOs and equivalent grades;
  • responses from the Cabinet office and MyCSP on what went wrong with civil service pension administration;
  • a report from the FDA Annual Delegate Conference;
  • opinions from Carl Emmerson, Deputy Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies; Tony Fenwick, Co-Chair of Schools OUT; and Managers in Partership Chief Executive, Jon Restell; and 
  • the Work section, including My Working Week, Revolving Door, My Alternative Career, Going Public and Masterclass.