Features and opinions from the previous issue


The previous issue of Public Service Magazine included:

  • a look into how - and why - the Welsh Government is managing public services so differently from the rest of the UK;
  • a report from the Association of Revenue and Customs' (ARC's) recent Parliamentary event;
  • more about FDA Learn's work from project lead Neil Rider;
  • information on, and contact details for, the current FDA Executive Committee;
  • opinions from Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Psychology at Coventry University, Rosalind Searle;
    Jon Restell, Chief Executive of Managers in Partnership;
    Professor of Public Economy at the London School for Economics, Edward C Page; and
    ARC President Gareth Hills; and
  • the Work section, including My Working Week, Revolving Door, My Alternative Career, Going Public and Masterclass.