Closing the Tax Gap - Delivering for the Nation

Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC) - the section of the FDA representing senior HMRC staff - organised an Parliament event to increase understanding around reducing the tax gap, especially tackling high-end avoidance. 

Chaired by the Financial Times tax correspondent Vanessa Houlder, the event included speeches from Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke MP; Shadow Exchequer Secretary Catherine McKinnell MP; and Chair of the Liberal Democrats Backbench Treasury Committee Stephen Williams MP. Richard Miller, Chief Executive of Action Aid UK, also spoke about the implications of tax avoidance for developing countries.  


Speaking at the 'Closing the Tax Gap' event: Richard Miller; ARC President Gareth Hills;
Vanessa Houlder; David Gauke MP; Shadow Exchequer Secretary Catherine McKinnell MP;
and Stephen Williams MP

ARC President (and FDA Vice President) Gareth Hills thanked those present for taking part in what had been an intellectually stimulating debate.

Hills said the event was just the start of work to debunk tax myths and increase public awareness of just why tax matters - stressing how the work of ARC members funds the social fabric of the UK.

ARC will continue that by working alongside professional bodies and NGOs.

ARC event 9 September 2013

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman; Richard Miller; Gareth Hills; and Vanessa Houlder

Hills concluded by saying that “ARC members are not faceless bureaucrats but real people. Real people striving every day to serve the Government and the public.

"Real people delivering for the nation. Real people who deserve adequate resource, proper recognition of the work they do and fair reward for doing it”.

Photos by Philip Wolmuth