Demands for ‘a fair package’ are growing, says FDA general secretary designate Dave Penman in today’s Guardian

Writing in today's Guardian, FDA general secretary designate Dave Penman explains that senior civil servants' demands for an appropriate 'total reward' package - decent pension provision and fair pay - are continuing to grow.

In the Guardian Society Public manager column, he points to the "considerable evidence, including the government's own analysis" that the pay levels for senior roles in the civil service "are substantially below those for comparable jobs in the wider public and private sectors, with the differential increasing the higher up the grading structure you go".

The danger for the Government in not addressing this issue is that many senior civil servants "will opt to go elsewhere and those who remain will do so with lingering resentment and frustration".

Penman also points out that while FDA members recently voted to accept the Government's pensions deal as the best that could be achieved through negotiations, they remain deeply unhappy and angry with many aspects of the changes.

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FDA general secretary designate Dave Penman's article in The Guardian 16 May 2012