FDA and Prospect hold London joint members’ meeting on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme deal

The FDA and Prospect held a joint meeting at lunchtime yesterday in central London to provide an opportunity for members to hear details of the agreement the two unions - plus the Prison Officers' Association, GMB and Unite - reached with the Government on 2 February 2010 on revisions to the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

FDA head of operations, Dave Penman, and Prospect deputy general secretary Dai Hudd delivered a presentation outlining the timing of events over the 18 months leading up to the final agreement. The presentation also gave details of the revised scheme and was followed by a question and answer session.

Between 1 and 19 March, the FDA is running an online consultative ballot of members on the decision of the Executive Committee in reaching agreement with the Government.

Meetings have already taken place for members in Cardiff and for ARC (Association of Revenue and Customs) members in London, and further meetings are planned in Edinburgh on 9 March and in Leeds on 15 March. Details of meetings can be found  on the Redundancy and Civil Service Compensation Scheme page.

Penman said: "Yesterday's event was part of a series of meetings the FDA is holding to inform members about the revised scheme and how the union's Executive Committee reached agreement with the Government.

"It is vital that members take the time to vote in the consultative ballot on the FDA website. We are urging members to vote 'Yes' to endorse the decision of the Executive Committee. A strong backing for the decision will strengthen the union's negotiating position in the future."

To access the ballot, click on: Civil Service Compensation Scheme membership consultation ballot

Responding to questions from the floor: (left to right) Dave Penman, FDA head of operations; David Watts, FDA president; John Streeter, Prospect civil service sector president; and Dai Hudd, Prospect deputy general secretary.

FDA-Prospect  CSCS meeting 08.03.10