FDA launches Keystone – a new section for SEO, HEO and related grades



The FDA has now launched a new section of the union, called Keystone

In May this year our annual conference agreed to introduce rule changes that fully opens membership up to those in the HEO, SEO and related grades.

Whilst the FDA originated in the senior grades of the civil service, it now has as many members below grade 7 level as it has in the SCS and as the civil and public services have changed, so to must the FDA.

HEOs and SEOs who choose to join Keystone will be full members of the FDA and have access to all of the benefits of FDA membership including:

• advice and representation;

• a voice in the workplace;

• a strong career development offer called Keyskills; and

• access to the FDA Portfolio membership benefits package.

Much like ARC (Association of Revenue and Customs section), DSA section (Diplomatic Services Association for members in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and Managers in Partnership (MiP), our joint venture with Unison; Keystone operates within the FDA's existing federal system.

Keystone has its own identity, organisation and staffing; allowing it to reflect the needs and aspirations of managers and professionals below the grades that the FDA has traditionally represented. Keystone's success will help the union to grow in size and influence, to the benefit of all members.

You can visit the Keystone website here to find out more about the new venture.