FDA launches campaign highlighting how our members' work benefits the nation

Delivering for the Nation campaign

The FDA will be launching a major campaign in April that will be directed towards highlighting how the work of the union's members benefits the nation and its citizens, and promoting the FDA's case for reform.

The campaign - 'Delivering for the Nation: Securing a World-Class Civil Service' - will draw together a number of strands of FDA activity in order to:

  • promote the effective delivery of public services and raise awareness of how the work of FDA members benefits the nation and its citizens;
  • advance the case for pay reform and secure action to improve the pay and reward of FDA members;
  • position the FDA at the centre of public debate on civil service reform;
  • reinforce the independence and impartiality of the civil service;
  • firmly establish the FDA as a modern, progressive and non-party political trade union; and
  • build a network of influence to support and champion the campaign.

For more, visit the Delivering for the Nation campaign page.