FDA responds to Radio 4’s criticism of the quality of Ofsted inspectors

The FDA has raised concerns about the recruitment of Ofsted inspectors, due to falling salary levels and new prime time contracts.

Responding to this evening's Radio 4 File on 4 programme - which reports that 'failing heads' and those with no teaching experience, or experience at primary level only, are being employed as Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMI) - FDA national officer responsible for Ofsted, Paul Neilson, said: "The FDA is concerned that recruiting new HMI with secondary experience is now more difficult, due to the salary levels offered.

"HMI pay levels have fallen way behind those of secondary school head teachers, which makes the role more attractive to lower-earning primary heads. This problem is exacerbated by the offer of new prime time contracts - which the FDA disagrees with - that offer restricted hours and lower pay."

Read the union's press release at: FDA highlights salary levels as a recruitment issue for Ofsted inspectors