FDA supports Work Your Proper Hours Day 2013


Today - Friday 1 March 2013 - is Work Your Proper Hours Day. According to TUC research, this is the day when those who do unpaid overtime would start, on average, to get paid if they did all their unpaid work at the start of the year. Now in its tenth year, the campaign highlights the amount of unpaid work carried out by employees across the UK.


TUC analysis shows a sharp rise in unpaid overtime amongst public sector employees, who are more likely to do extra hours for free than private sector staff.   While the number of public servants fell by around 100,000 last year, the amount of unpaid overtime worked in the public sector increased by almost 3% to around 620 million hours.


For more information, plus advice on how to improve your work/life balance, please visit www.workyourproperhoursday.com.