Report reinforces union’s arguments on pay

An Incomes Data Services pay report - jointly commissioned by the FDA and Prospect to look at various aspects of the Government's pay policy - has found that the approach to pay in the civil service in recent years "has resulted in lower or less evenly distributed basic awards for many civil servants in comparison with the rest of the public sector". It also found that, since 2006, "basic pay settlements have been higher in the private sector than in the public sector".

Comparing civil service pay with that in the private sector and wider public sector, the report said "the median pay of a grade 7 civil servant is behind the median pay of comparable roles in all other parts of the economy".

On local pay, the report dispels the myth that private sector pay is set locally while public sector pay is set nationally.

FDA deputy general secretary Dave Penman said: "This report makes a significant contribution to the debate on public sector pay policy. It reinforces the FDA's arguments that the Government should address the issues around civil servants' total reward, in light of the proposed changes to pension arrangements."

IDS pay report 2012 - Executive Summary

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