Sunday and Monday at the TUC

The FDA spoke on two motions on the first full day of Congress, which this year is taking place in Brighton from 9 to 12 September.

MiP member Stephen Heard, speaking to support the NHS composite motion

SH TUC 2012

Delegate Stephen Heard, an FDA Executive Committee member from Managers in Partnership - the FDA's joint venture with Unison - spoke on Monday morning to support composite motion 13 on the NHS, which was carried by Congress.

Referring to the various mentions of the Olympics, Heard said: "There has been much talk about Team GB, but what about Team NHS and the everyday medal-winning performances of all staff regardless of where they are in the process?

"We must build on the very good staff engagement and partnership working we have developed in the NHS - and that includes involving staff in decisions about service design and delivery - about how to shape our health services to fit the needs of service users today and into the future".

FDA general secretary Dave Penman supporting the composite motion on austerity, pay and public service reform

DP TUC 2012

On Monday afternoon, at his first Congress as FDA general secretary, Dave Penman spoke to support composite 12 on austerity, pay and public service reform.

Penman called the fact that the civil service is due to shrink by 25% over the Government's five-year term "economic madness when it comes to a plan for growth, but also symptomatic of an approach that does not value public service - or public servants".

He spoke of his fears that talented professionals "are now turning their backs on a career in public service" due to "pay levels half that they could get in the private sector, a devalued pension and the constant drip-feed of attacks on their professionalism and competence from Government".

Penman concluded with a stark warning: "It's time this Government demonstrated it values public services and the public servants who deliver them. And if not, then we will see an exodus of talent that no reform plan or workforce re-engineering will be able to hide."

For the first time this year, Congress began on Sunday afternoon, with TUC President Paul Kenny addressing delegates. On Monday morning, Brendan Barber gave his final address as TUC general secretary, with an Olympic-themed speech that urged Government to learn from London 2012.

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