Take part in the FDA's working hours survey

Friday 1 March 2013 is Work Your Proper Hours Day, the day when those who do unpaid overtime would start, on average, to get paid if they did all their unpaid work at the start of the year. The TUC is using this date to raise awareness of long hours working and unpaid overtime.

FDA's 2012 working hours survey showed that more than half of those who responded - 51% - worked at least six hours more than their contracted hours each week, with one in five working 11 extra hours or more. we want to find out whether things have changed since then - are people leaving the office at a more reasonable time or working longer hours than before?

Take part in the FDA's survey now at www.research.net/s/FDA-working-hours-survey-2013.

The results will provide the union with crucial information to help campaign for a better work/life balance for members.

Those who have completed the survey are given the option to invite non-member colleagues to take part via email - simply follow the instructions on the page.