New Government: New Deal

FDA New Deal poster           

At the FDA's 2015 annual conference, the union launched its 'New Government: New Deal' campaign.

In his speech to FDA delegates, General Secretary Dave Penman called on the new Government to ensure that the civil service is more than simply another mechanism to reduce the deficit by offering a New Deal for civil servants.

Penman told conference:

"If the civil service is being tasked with delivering 21st century public services with pre-war resources, then the Government needs to demonstrate that valuing civil servants, ensuring that they have the rights skills, paying them fairly, matching commitments to resources and genuinely engaging with them are the critical elements of the new deal that needs to be struck with civil servants."

FDA members demonstrate a commitment to public service every day, but the last five years have left civil servants feeling undervalued, exhausted and unclear about the future of the services that they deliver.

This new Government now has a real opportunity, even if it is intent on massive reductions in spending, to create a different relationship with its civil servants.

The best employers know that to successfully deliver change and reform, you need to work with your staff and not against them.

This is important in private industry, but vital when it comes to delivering public services.

A commitment to a New Deal would be a clear signal from the new Government that it understands this. 

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