The National Trade Union Committee (NTUC)

Following the demise of the CCSU (Council of Civil Service Unions) the civil service unions have developed the NTUC (National Trade Union Committee) to provide a single body to undertake consultation and engagement with the Cabinet Office on cross civil service issues such as pay policy and pensions. Currently the NTUC consists of the FDA, PCS, Prospect, Unite, GMB, NIPSA and the POA.

The decision making process of the NTUC requires consensus so no union can be forced into accepting an NTUC course of action. The existence of the NTUC does not bind any union to any decision or position.

The requirement for consensus does of course mean that any participating union can prevent agreements being reached with the NTUC but as reflected above, this does not prevent individual unions reaching agreements with the employer, as the FDA did following the members' ballot on pension reform in 2012.

The FDA continues to work to achieve the best possible agreements for FDA members. Where this can be achieved through an NTUC agreement we will positively pursue this route. Where this is not possible we will engage directly with a view to finding a solution that is in the best interests of FDA members.