FDA Workshops

The FDA is committed to promoting and facilitating the career development of managers and professionals in public service. This page provides more information on the latest FDA Learn and Keyskills events, and you can book places at the FDA Learn and Keyskills Eventbrite page.

Goal Setting for Success with NLP & CBT

In this lively and highly interactive half day workshop Emotional Intelligence coach & facilitator Philip Gimmack will demonstrate the key principles of successful goal-setting. You will be demonstrate powerful techniques for clarifying and structuring your goals and building the motivation to stay on track and ultimately achieve what you want.
The techniques offered are based on models from professional coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Philip will take you through a step-by-step guide to understand these concepts and show you how to put them into practice. You’ll leave with an action plan and a detailed workbook to minimise note-taking and maximise learning.


Dates (click to book and find out more):
Wednesday, 13 September (London)

Improving Your Performance: Competency Based Interviews in the Civil Service

This 1-day course will take you through the various skills you need to succeed in a competency based interview in the Civil Service.  You will engage in a succession of practical exercises that will refine your approach to each stage of the interview process, from preparatory Power Poses through to the Competency Pitch.  This course builds on, but stands alone from, the Creating Competency Examples course, also available from Newzpark Ltd via FDA / Keystone.  This course is suitable for all grades.


Dates (click to book and find out more):

Friday, 8 September (London)
Monday, 18 September (Hamilton)

How to Have a More Productive Working Day

A three-hour workshop full of practical tips and exercises to help you work more productively on the things that matter.  This event will help you to get focused on the handful of tasks that make a real difference to your goals and set yourself up to achieve those tasks every day. You will come away with a better understanding of the foundations for a good day’s work and know how to play to your strengths and preferences especially when you need to tackle tricky tasks.


Dates (click to book and find out more):

Friday, 15 September (London)

Woman's Development

Making sure you project the best impression is highly significant in all career advancement. Creating the right image and impact isn’t just about the way people look but the whole impression we give every day in our interactions with co-workers and other stakeholders.  A high level of impact uses sound, vision, interpersonal behaviour as well as diligence to distinguish itself.

This workshop looks at what can be appropriate images for success and progression in the workplace and how once we have become increasingly visible to the people we need to influence we can fulfil our true potential without being artificially restrained by the glass ceiling. The workshop also explores the importance of building and developing personal and professional networks in order to exchange information, resources and support.


Dates (click to book and find out more):

Wednesday, 20 September (Glasgow)

Mastering Change & Building Resilience

This workshop will help you to understand how you respond to pressure and what your personal preferences are for dealing with difficult situations. It will also provide you with a toolkit to deal with the tough times, and help you to prevent challenging situations becoming worse. 
In order to work and function well, you (and your teams if you are a manager) need to be resilient and open to change in order to deal with workplace challenges.  Increasingly, we are working and managing in uncertain and pressured times, where what we need to deliver and how we need to deliver it can change quickly.


Dates (click to book and find out more):

Friday, 22 September (London)

 Effective Communication with NLP

This workshop introduces some NLP presuppositions and tools to bring a new awareness to aspects of communication that once understood, will allow you to learn to communicate more effectively and with a broader range of people. This workshop includes:

  • Key NLP principles of communication
  • Verbal and non verbal aspects of communication
  • The importance of building rapport and learning about pacing and leading
  • Learning to focus on how someone speaks as well as what they say
  • Identifying language and motivation patterns and preferences
  • The power of using questions
  • Stepping into someone else’s shoes
  • Fun exercises to help learn more about ourselves and others


Dates (click to book and find out more):

Wednesday, 27 September (London)

Bust Your Bias!

Bias is the buzzword in inclusion and diversity (I&D) circles, identified as a root cause of workplace discrimination. Everyone is guilty of bias to some degree. Is there any hope for true workplace equality? Yes, there is, and transcending cognitive bias starts by understanding what bias is, how bias fuels inequality and what you can do to bust your own biases. During this engaging interactive workshop, Lori West, founder and managing director of the leadership development company The BrillianceTM Trailblazer, will demystify cognitive bias by explaining it simply and provide you with a simple process to bust your bias again and again. 


Dates (click to book and find out more):

Wednesday, 11 October (London)