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Chief Executive of Acas Susan Clews, talks to Scott Dobson about the lessons she has learnt from the pandemic and reflects on the opportunities that now exist to build more productive, inclusive and flexible workplaces.
1st Dec 2021| By Scott Dobson
General Secretary Dave Penman welcomed the “comprehensive report”, which details “where urgent action is needed to restore public faith”
1st Nov 2021
FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has accused the Conservative Co-Chair of pandering to the party faithful.
7th Oct 2021
Following his recent re-election as General Secretary, Beckie Smith talks to Dave Penman about culture wars, flexible working, “the most important pay deal in a decade” and what’s next for the FDA.
1st Dec 2021| By Beckie Smith

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Why we've launched a judicial review of the Home Secretary's breach of the Ministerial Code


Bullying in the workplace: An FDA report

Bullying is undoubtedly one of the most common issues we support FDA members with. Over a number of months, we’ve worked together to gather data and speak to members about their experiences.

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