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It has been another extraordinary year for the FDA. As the fastest growing union in the country, we have reached record levels of membership.
6th May 2022
General Secretary Dave Penman has said ministers’ “obsession with ending flexible working and micro-managing the civil service increasingly just looks vindictive”, after Jacob Rees-Mogg called for an end to civil servants working from home.
20th Apr 2022
The FDA has criticised the government’s decision to delay the implementation of reforms to the performance management system for Senior Civil Servants (SCS.
6th Apr 2022
Scott Dobson outlines why the FDA chose to launch a legal challenge to the Prime Minister’s decision that the Home Secretary did not breach the Ministerial Code, and how the Court came to its rejection of the idea of different standards for ministers
3rd May 2022| By Scott Dobson

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Why we've launched a judicial review of the Home Secretary's breach of the Ministerial Code


Bullying in the workplace: An FDA report

Bullying is undoubtedly one of the most common issues we support FDA members with. Over a number of months, we’ve worked together to gather data and speak to members about their experiences.

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