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HEOs and SEOs
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By joining FDA Keystone, you’ll be standing alongside more than 22,000 other members who believe that public services – and the people who deliver them – matter.
What we offer
We are there when you need help at work

Whatever your workplace issue, we are here with one-to-one employment advice and representation to help resolve it.


We fight for your pay, pensions and working conditions       
We campaign and negotiate with employers on behalf of our members to ensure they have the resources required both to do their jobs and have a life outside the workplace.

We support your career progression

Through our specialised masterclasses, conferences and events, Keyskills addresses a wide range of skills to help you progress in your career and maximise your potential.       
Our values       


A strong, pragmatic voice       
Independent and member-led       

Membership costs

We charge monthly subscription costs based on a sliding scale, based on your salary and your grade. View our subscriptions page to get an idea of how much you’ll pay per month:
Discounts and benefits
Members are automatically eligible to access FDA Portfolio, offering discounts on a wide range of goods and services.        
Discounts from Apple, Waterstones, TUI, Argos and more
What our members are saying
 "I personally recommend Keystone to any SEO and HEOs who are looking for a union that understand the pressures that we face and the ways in which we have to work during these difficult times. Just remember, you never know when you may suddenly need the support or protection of a professional and effective union representative."
"When my appraisal didn't seem fair, I contacted the FDA. They helped me through the appeals process and successfully appealed the original box marking."
"The FDA is an important safety net and ally… You wouldn't own a house without insurance - and your career and reputation are even more important."
There’s never been a better time to join the FDA       
Despite the challenges of the pandemic, it has been the most successful period in union’s history. We’re stronger than we ever have been, we have more members than we’ve ever had, and there’s never been a better time to join the FDA.

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Learn new skills, gain knowledge, and have the opportunity to drive positive change in your workplace.
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The FDA is active in over 200 employers across the civil service and arm’s length bodies.
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Develop the skills you require to progress in your career and maximise your potential.
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Find out about our latest work defending members and campaigning for change.

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