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Our governance

The views and priorities of FDA members guide everything we do as a union, and the FDA’s Executive Committee (EC) plays a vital role in this.

The EC is elected though a series of constituencies, ensuring that it remains representative of the breadth of the union’s membership. Its elected members bring a wealth of public service experience to the running of the FDA, and make sure that decisions taken at the FDA’s Annual Delegate Conference (ADC) are put into action.

The EC also looks after the union's affairs between conferences, and holds meetings with the General Secretary and other full-time FDA staff at least six times a year. Elections for Executive Committee positions are held every other year before the Annual Delegate Conference and successful nominees are appointed for two-year terms.

Fiona Eadie


Fiona is a Solicitor and joined the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) as a Prosecutor in 2002. Fiona previously worked for parliamentarians at Westminster and Holyrood and also as a policy advisor to the Scottish Law Officers between 2005-2008. Fiona is now the FDA’s COPFS Section Secretary and joined the FDA’s Executive Committee in 2009. Fiona has chaired the FDA’s series of Women into Leadership conferences since 2016 and is the COPFS Gender Equality Ambassador.

Vicky Johnson
Vicky Johnson

Vice President

Vicky works for HMRC and is currently helping lead the change in culture needed as part of the department’s transformation programme. She is a trained Tax Professional and has worked for the department since 1986.  Vicky has been an FDA member since 2004 and has been Centre Secretary of the ARC West Midlands branch since then, until she stepped up to the national committee in 2015. In 2016 she took over as President of ARC and joined the FDA Executive Committee. In June 2018 Vicky was delighted when members of the EC voted her in as one of their Vice Presidents. She is hoping to use this opportunity to continue to help the FDA provide an exemplary service to its members.

Tony Wallace

Vice President

Tony is a tax professional working as an Investigator in the Fraud Investigation Section of HMRC. He has worked for the department and its predecessor organisations since leaving school in 1983. He served as President of the Association of Revenue and Customs from 2014 to 2016.

Mike Buckley

Honorary Treasurer

Mike is a Strategic Finance Advisor in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and is a Chartered Public Finance Accountant. He is National Secretary of the FDA's DWP Branch.

Administrators, Economists and Accountants

Mike Buckley 
Patrick Cahill 
Margaret Haig 
David Howdon 
Lorimer Mackenzie 
Robert Marshall 
John McCullagh

Association of Revenue and Customs (ARC)

Helen Baird-Parker 
Gareth Hills 
Paula Houghton 
Vicky Johnson 
Tony Wallace

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

David Chrimes 
Stephen Head 
Lorna Lee


Stephen Twigge 

Devolved Wales 

Richard Mulcahy

Diplomatic Service Association (DSA)

Matthew Lownds

Education Scotland

Patricia Watson

Fast Stream

Vishal Wilde


Colette Conway
Peter Gill
Samantha Groessler
Stuart Ousely


Lawyers’ Network

Leila Kelly
Matthew West

Managers in Partnership

Simon Brake
David Cain
Richard Carthew
Diane Lester

Northern Ireland section

Robbie Davis


Gina White

Procurator Fiscal Society

John Robertson


Tim Knight

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