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Our goals and values

The FDA is the only trade union dedicated to representing managers and professionals in public service. With a history dating right back to 1919, we have the experience and influence to make a real difference for our members – striving to improve their terms, conditions and working lives while acting as a powerful advocate for our members and the vital public services they deliver.       

What we believe in

We believe that public services - and the people who work in them - matter. Our members are committed to bringing high-quality services to citizens right across the UK, while providing taxpayers with real value for money. To do this effectively, we believe public services need proper investment – in people, systems and infrastructure – as well as effective leadership, and a clear direction of travel.

We stand up for our members and seek to actively improve their working lives, promoting a proper work-life balance and making the case for fair pay and reward for the vital work they do. When our members need us, we provide them with confidential, professional advice on work-related issues, and we seek dialogue and engagement with employers to resolve disputes before they escalate.
We act as a powerful voice for our members and the vital services they deliver - at work, in the media, and in dialogue with politicians and the stakeholders that matter. We know that public servants are under more intense scrutiny than ever before, and we regularly speak up for public servants when others stay silent. 

We help our members to make the most of their careers. We equip them with the skills, opportunities and confidence they need to succeed at work with our tailored professional development programmes - FDA Learn and Keyskills. We are committed to removing the barriers to success for underrepresented groups in public service, and we have led the way in pushing for greater equality and diversity in public life.

We are affiliated to organisations including the Trades Union Congress (TUC), but we are strictly politically neutral and have no formal links with any political party – meaning that we are taken seriously as the authentic voice of senior public servants. Through our democratic structures we ensure that our members’ concerns are at the heart of everything we do.

"As a strong, pragmatic trade union, the FDA will always represent and defend the interests of our members and the high-quality public services they deliver." - FDA General Secretary Dave Penman

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