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FDA: the union for Fast Streamers

The FDA has sole recognition for Fast Streamers in the civil service, representing members through our formal negotiating relationship with civil service departments and Civil Service Resourcing. We work to protect your pay, benefits and professional interests as the future of public service.

Fast Stream members benefit from free membership for the first six months, with reduced subscription rates until completion of training.

Our Fast Stream Network is open to all fast streamers across the civil service, whatever the scheme, providing you with an effective voice in the workplace and the opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues as you embark on your civil service career.

As Fast Stream member, you can be confident that the FDA will support you to fulfil you career aspirations, help you in your development through our FDA Learn services, and provide world-class representation every step of the way.       

Steven Littlewood

National Officer

Steven is the FDA National Officer for the civil service Fast Stream.

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