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Analysts’ Network

Formerly the Statisticians and Economists’ Forum, the Analysts’ Network is the voice of statisticians, economists and social and operational researchers across the civil service.

The network provides a space for statisticians, economists and researchers from departments across the Government to discuss the issues facing analysts. Through this locus, activists share information, raise matters and find solutions to problems. Together we seek ways to improve individual members' careers through professional development and networking opportunities.

It also provides an invaluable opportunity for analysts who are looking to get more involved in their union, and to shape policy. By taking an active role here, you can provide valuable information and insight to help the FDA help your colleagues and peers.

The Network works closely with both the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and the Government Economic Service (GES) to address workplace issues relating to the analytical professions.

The purpose and objectives of the Analysts' Network are set out in the Network's Terms of Reference. To join, or for more information, contact National Officer Gareth Hills at gareth2@fda.org.uk        

Gareth Hills

National Officer

Gareth is the FDA’s National Officer with responsibility for the Analyst’s Network.

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