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FDA Green Network

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The Green Network has been created as a space for discussion of green issues, the environment, climate change and sustainability for any FDA and Keystone members with an interest.

The aim is to share information and best practice, encouraging network members to take an active role in their local branches and sections. There are also opportunities to find out more on TUC activities on green issues and sustainability.

The network is a way to find out what is happening across our membership and help to influence local and national activity.

To join, or for more information, contact info@fda.org.uk

Useful resources

COP26 Coalition - Following agreement from the Executive Committee, the FDA joined the COP26 Coalition as part of the Trade Union Caucus. You can find out more about the COP26 Coalition here.

My journey from an electric vehicle novice - Paul Dutton led a webinar for members on electric vehicles. You can access a copy of the presentation slides here.

The Magic of Composting - FDA Learn hosted a 'switch off' session, led by two FDA members, on composting. You can access a copy of the presentation slides here.

TUC guide to 'climate change proof your workplace' - You can access the TUC's interactive guide here.


20th Apr 2021
Created as a space for discussion of the environment, climate change and sustainability, the FDA has recently formed a Green Network. Vice President Margaret Haig shares detail of how the network will work in practice, and how you can take part.
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