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Get involved

We encourage all of our members to become active in their workplace and every effort, however large or small, helps to strengthen the FDA’s position to protect your professional interests. This can range from simply attending a local branch meeting, to writing an article for a newsletter, to becoming an FDA rep.

A rep for the FDA is a representative of the union in their workplace. The role of a rep is wide and varied, from passing on application forms to new starters and putting posters up on notice boards to taking part in negotiations on issues concerning pay and terms and conditions.

The FDA is active in over 200 employers across the civil service and arm’s length bodies, including every major government department.

FDA professional networks give members the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues across the civil service, discuss common workplace issues and influence union policies.

Keystone is the section of the FDA for civil servants in Higher Executive Offer (HEO) and Senior Executive Officer (SEO).

The Annual Delegate Conference (ADC) is an annual one-day event that gives our members a unique opportunity to discuss and vote on policies for the union.

We provide workplace representation, legal assistance, career development and many other benefits to members working in the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

The FDA has a strong presence in Scotland, representing civil servants and senior professionals working for the devolved administration, Scottish Government-sponsored bodies and UK departments.

The FDA is active across Wales, representing civil servants and senior professionals working for the devolved administration, Welsh Assembly-sponsored bodies and UK government departments.

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