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How do I get involved?

We encourage all of our members to become active in their workplace and every effort, however large or small, helps to strengthen the FDA’s position in giving you a voice at work.

This can range from simply attending a local branch meeting, to writing an article for a newsletter, to becoming an FDA representative in your workplace. Think about how you might be able to help and what skills you have that would be useful for your union and would help support your fellow FDA members.

While the majority of the work on members behalf is undertaken by our network of over 500 representatives, we have a dedicated and professional staff who help support this work and are a source of expertise and advice to our reps.

Find your rep

A good place to start is by speaking to your local Branch Secretary or Convenor for more information about local branch activity.

Speak directly to the FDA Organiser

FDA's Organiser is happy to answer any queries you may have about becoming more active in your union. If you’re unsure, you can find out more about what our activists do.

Become an FDA rep

Becoming an FDA workplace rep can be incredibly rewarding. You learn new skills, gain knowledge, and have the opportunity to take on a high-profile role in your workplace that gives you insight into - and information about - the wider civil service. You can find out more about the role here.

We’re here to help and support our reps, so if you’ve already made the decision to become an FDA rep, contact FDA's Organiser now to book your place on our reps training programme, specifically designed to support FDA representatives.

Problem at work? In need of help?

Get in touch now and one of our reps will be here to support you 

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