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FDA in the news

Recent media coverage of the FDA union's work on behalf of its members in public service.

"I hope this letter marks a change of approach from the Prime Minister and that the civil servants she has heaped praise on today can rely on her to defend them in the future," says General Secretary Dave Penman.

15 April 2019
FDA in the news

"It is completely disingenuous of Liz Truss, the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, to dress this up as a way to 'stop large pay-outs for senior managers'," says General Secretary Dave Penman.

10 April 2019
FDA in the news

General Secretary Dave Penman praised Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill's defence of civil servants, and stated that Theresa May should follow suit.

02 April 2019
FDA in the news

Responding to a previous Tribune article, the General Secretary asks - and answers - the question: what are we to make of the recent "slew of anonymous civil servant revelations?"

30 March 2019 | By Dave Penman
FDA in the news

The General Secretary rebukes accusations levelled against the civil service by Mark Francois, Lord Adonis and political commentators in his latest Civil Service World column.

29 March 2019 | By Dave Penman
FDA in the news

The FDA General Secretary said Northern Irish "civil servants, who have been left without political direction for more than two years now, could not and should not be expected to take decisions with such profound economic and security implications."

26 March 2019
FDA in the news

“When 84% are unhappy with their pay, and 89% feel it compares badly with civil jobs of a similar level of responsibility, there is clearly something seriously wrong," says FDA National Officer Steven Littlewood.

22 March 2019
FDA in the news
Law Society Gazette-555

The pay hikes were described by FDA National Officer Steven Littlewood as a "well overdue reward for long-serving staff, who have been trapped in the lower ends of pay range for years".

13 March 2019
FDA in the news

In his Civil Service World column, the General Secretary states that the union wants to explore with the Government "whether the whole of the civil service would benefit from a review body."

01 March 2019 | By Dave Penman
FDA in the news

In her latest article for the House Magazine, FDA Assistant General Secretary Amy Leversidge raises concerns that “nothing has changed” in the five months following Dame Laura Cox's damning report on bullying and harassment in the House of Commons.

01 March 2019
FDA in the news

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