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FDA in the news

Recent media coverage of the FDA union's work on behalf of its members in public service.

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman criticises the “obvious contradiction” in the government’s approach to investigating individuals.

04 July 2023

General Secretary Dave Penman said the report had “upheld the complaints against Mr. Bercow, and also addressed his repeated assertions around conspiracy among the complainants”.

09 March 2022

General Secretary Dave Penman responds to the announcement of the suspension of Irish Sea border checks.

03 February 2022

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman said that the Prime Minister was failing to recognise “the innovation and flexibility” shown by the civil service.

26 January 2022

Findings represent a clear rejection of the idea that there are different standards for ministers than for civil servants.

09 December 2021
House of commons in the evening

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has condemned “completely unacceptable” personal attacks on the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards – “a public servant who cannot answer back”

04 November 2021

General Secretary Dave Penman welcomed the “comprehensive report”, which details “where urgent action is needed to restore public faith”

01 November 2021
Oliver Dowden555

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has accused the Conservative Co-Chair of pandering to the party faithful.

07 October 2021

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has responded to concerns raised by Lady Heywood that the Greensill inquiry will “dump the blame" on her late husband.

01 July 2021

General Secretary Dave Penman has responded to decision of the courts to grant a full hearing.

27 April 2021

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