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Tuesday 02 July 2019

Penman: Don't punish civil servants' for Parliament's indecision

Speaking to Talk Radio's Mike Graham, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman dismissed Jeremy Hunt's threat to cancel civil servant's holiday as "posturing", and accused the would-be PM of trying to "out-macho Boris Johnson".

Hunt has stated he will cancel civil servants' leave if no-deal Brexit preparations aren't up to scratch: a decision Penman describe as "a little rich", considering Parliament's indecision it the major factor impacting these preparations.

"I talked last week to a senior civil servant working in DExEU," Penman said, "who’d been working every weekend for the last three years since the referendum took place and has had every holiday interrupted. Civil servants are working flat out to deliver the Government’s will, the problem is the Government doesn’t know what its will is.

"It’s a little rich to talk at cancelling leave when the civil service is already working flat out. What they need to do is make a decision, then the civil service can deliver for them."

Moreover, Penman pointed out, 95% of civil servants are not currently working on Brexit. "So it’s nonsensical what Hunt’s been saying about the entire civil service having to cancel their holidays," he explained. "Really, that might go down well with the electorate in the Conservative party but it doesn’t make him look very Prime Ministerial."

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