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FDA members past and present talk about how they helped LGBT+ people in their workplaces.

28 June 2019

The story of how one FDA member made union history.

18 June 2019 | By Craig Ryan

Paying into a pension scheme should give you peace of mind and security in retirement – but it’s easy to fall foul of confusing pension rules if your plans change. Find out how the FDA helped one member get his retirement plans back on track.

20 May 2019 | By Tommy Newell

The Scottish Government Permanent Secretary lists three essential qualities for leaders in her Women into Leadership speech.

20 May 2019 | By Leslie Evans

On International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, Equality Officer Jane Cockram calls on civil service leaders to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination and harassment.

17 May 2019 | By Jane Cockram

After a “potentially life-ending accident” led to difficulties at work, a Keystone member explains to Kay Hender how his union helped, with “a cool head and an excellent grasp of the situation”.

25 April 2019 | By Kay Hender

Prior to her appointment as head civil servant at DExEU, Defra Permanent Secretary Clare Moriarty spoke to Tommy Newell about Brexit’s impact and proudly wearing her red shoelaces.

15 April 2019 | By Tommy Newell

In the fourth instalment of our International Women's Day blog series, FDA member Mark Holmes writes about Shared Parental Leave, workplace pregnancy and maternity discrimination, and the importance of flexible working.

28 March 2019 | By Mark Holmes

In the third instalment of our International Women's Day blog series, Michelle Wyer writes about mentoring women and founding networks.

22 March 2019 | By Michelle Wyer

In the second instalment of our International Women's Day blog series, FDA rep Greig Walker tells us about the Scottish Government's Equally Safe strategy.

15 March 2019 | By Greig Walker

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