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It has been another extraordinary year for the FDA. As the fastest growing union in the country, we have reached record levels of membership.

06 May 2022

Scott Dobson outlines why the FDA chose to launch a legal challenge to the Prime Minister’s decision that the Home Secretary did not breach the Ministerial Code, and how the Court came to its rejection of the idea of different standards for ministers

03 May 2022 | By Scott Dobson

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer speaks to Kay Hender about our responsibility to encourage others and why being in a trade union is like joining a gym.

03 May 2022 | By Kay Hender

Since its launch, FDA Learn has helped thousands of public servants with their career development. Scott Dobson speaks to two members who were inspired to join their union after attending training events.

03 May 2022 | By Scott Dobson

FDA General Secretary Dave Penman on the stark message for civil servants from this year’s pay remit guidance.

03 May 2022 | By Dave Penman
Cabinet office

Following the publication of the 2022/23 Pay Remit Guidance, FDA General Secretary Dave Penman accuses the government of abandoning its own workforce and ignoring the cost of living crisis.

01 April 2022 | By Dave Penman
Former FDA Chair Alix Kilroy, the union's first woman leader

This International Women's Day, we celebrate "one of the most remarkable women in civil service history".

08 March 2022 | By Craig Ryan

FDA Wales has submitted evidence to the Senedd’s Standards of Conduct Committee’s consultation on Procedures for Dealing with Complaints against Members of the Senedd.

01 March 2022 | By Gareth Hills

Learn more about Ian Buist's campaign to reform the vetting system and abolish a ban on gay and lesbian staff serving in the Diplomatic Service.

17 February 2022 | By Craig Ryan
Susan Clews 555

Chief Executive of Acas Susan Clews, talks to Scott Dobson about the lessons she has learnt from the pandemic and reflects on the opportunities that now exist to build more productive, inclusive and flexible workplaces.

01 December 2021 | By Scott Dobson

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Bullying in the workplace: An FDA report

Bullying is undoubtedly one of the most common issues we support FDA members with. Over a number of months, we’ve worked together to gather data and speak to members about their experiences.

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