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Tuesday 20 April 2021

Green shoots

By Margaret Haig

Created as a space for discussion of the environment, climate change and sustainability, the FDA has recently formed a Green Network. Vice President Margaret Haig shares details of how the network will work in practice, and how you can take part.


You may classify it as green issues, action on climate change or sustainability, but all FDA members have been quietly involved on individual and local levels to have a positive impact on the environment. This year, with COP26 happening in Glasgow and the UK Government aiming to lead by example with Net Zero targets and a Green Jobs Taskforce, the Executive Committee agreed it was time to bring these individual members together and start a Green Network to help us meet these challenges as a union.

Whether or not you are a member working in one of the critical areas of Government working on the environment in the UK or globally, or perhaps helping to organise COP26, the Green Network welcomes all members with an interest. There will be the usual networking, linking members from varied branches, sections and locations. We will share best practice and resources; encourage employers to act responsibly and sustainably; help members to understand how they can make a difference; and make an FDA-shaped impact.

Lockdown allowed nature some respite from human impact and let us hear the birds sing. Many members appreciated getting to know local wildlife, as testified by popular FDA Switch-off Sessions on moths, birds and gardening. Two members of the Green Network have volunteered to build on this success and run a session on composting – something that everyone can do, even if they do not have a garden. Look out for this at the end of April!

We are ambitious and already have lots of ideas, but there is strength in numbers! If you are interested in joining the Green Network, check out our page on the FDA website where we will be adding resources, and get in touch with Sue Hollywood-Powell to be added to the network.

Interested in taking part?

You can find out more about our Green Network here. If you would like to become a part of the network, please contact Sue Hollywood-Powell at sue@wearekeystone.org.uk

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