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Thursday 24 September 2020

Looking after your mental health: five useful resources

By Victoria Jones

Equality Officer Victoria Jones shares advice and resources to help support you – individually and as a manager - during these uncertain times.

Looking after our mental health is important every day, but in the current circumstances we’re encouraging members to go one step further and ensure everyone is taking proactive action to support their wellbeing. From exercise, to nutrition, meditation to journaling, there are things you can do to prioritise your health.

We’ve pulled together five great resources to highlight the support that is out there and inspire you to find the things that work for you.

If you’re struggling, we’re here to help. Each employer will have different support available for staff, but members can also contact your local FDA rep for signposting and support.

1. The Charity for Civil Servants

With a wellbeing app, guides on stress and anxiety and help for managers, the Charity for Civil Servants provides a wealth of resources. The information they provide is complimented by a helpline and links to alternative support too.

2. Mind

Mind has been providing updated resources throughout the pandemic, helping individuals navigate the uncertainty and the impact on their health. They also provide top tips for managing your mental health at work, as well as guidance on how to support your team.

3. Mental Health at Work

A brilliant resource that also looks at organisational culture and policy issues. They’ve developed a coronavirus toolkit that includes tips on finding your focus and working from home.

4. TUC – mental health and the workplace

This educational guide from the TUC provides some basic principles and definitions, before outlining some guidance on how to support members facing difficulties – a great resource for reps. There are also tips on organising and campaigning on mental health. If you’re interested in getting more involved with this work, contact your local branch.

5. HSE – Mental health conditions, work and the workplace

This resource looks specifically at stress and the impact on mental health, highlighting research as well as providing a workbook from which you can identify risk factors and being to take action.

FDA Learn has also been running webinars to help members deal with the changing ways of working during the pandemic. These can be viewed via the links below:

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