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Latest from the FDA

Members of Parliament who ignore the Speaker’s advice to wear face coverings are willingly putting parliamentary staff at risk and will be named and shamed by the FDA.
14th Jul 2021

FDA National Officer Jawad Raza has criticised the plan for the Chamber to return to full capacity next week, describing it as a “political stunt, which shows scant regard for the wellbeing of Parliamentary staff”.
13th Jul 2021
FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has responded to concerns raised by Lady Heywood that the Greensill inquiry will “dump the blame" on her late husband.
1st Jul 2021
Esther Wallington joined a panel discussion with Dave Penman to take members’ questions and discuss the future work of the department, covering returning to workplaces and increased flexible working.
30th Jun 2021

Dev Bahra has joined the FDA for a six-week paid internship, where he’ll be focused on a project looking at the future of international development. In this post, Dev introduces himself and offers some more detail on the project.
21st Jun 2021| By Dev Bahra

Press releases

13th Nov 2020
Former Treasury Special Adviser Sonia Khan has issued the following statement after reaching a settlement with the Treasury.
24th Sep 2020
The FDA responds to the failure of the First and Deputy First Ministers of Northern Ireland to appoint a new head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service.
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