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Tuesday 18 December 2018

FDA warns Scottish Government pay policy could create barriers to recruitment


The public sector pay policy for 2019-20 “sends a message that the Scottish Government doesn’t truly value the vital work carried out by our members in Scotland”, according to FDA National Officer Allan Sampson. 

The Scottish Government’s pay policy guarantee’s a minimum 3% increase for public sector workers who earn £36,500 or less but sets a limit of 2% for those on salaries between £36,501 and £80,000, with those earning over £80,000 limited increases of £1,600. 

While Sampson supports increasing the pay of the lowest paid workers, he warned that “it’s important to remember that FDA members have also suffered from nearly a decade of pay restraint”. 

He explained: “It is our members in the senior and professionals ranks who lag furthest behind their private sector counterparts - this policy risks creating barriers to effective pay settlements, limiting the Scottish Government’s ability to recruit and retain the talented staff it needs.” 

Sampson’s comments were covered by Civil Service World.

12th Nov 2020
We are pleased to announce that following a pay ballot in which 92% of members voted to accept the Cabinet Office/FSET 2020-21 Fast Stream Pay Offer it will now be paid in your November salary.
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