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Friday 17 July 2020

Government must stop wasting time over the restoration and renewal of Parliament, says FDA

The FDA has called on the government to stop wasting time and allow Parliament’s much needed restoration and renewal programme to proceed, after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked the officials in charge of the project to consider relocating Parliament to York.

“The government should be focussed on efforts to make the existing buildings on the parliamentary estate safe for members and staff, rather than wasting time dreaming up new ways to further delay the restoration project,” said Helen Kenny, FDA National Officer for the House of Commons.

“The existing plan for a full decant of both Commons and Lords, previously agreed by MPs, offers the best outcome both in terms of health and safety and value for money, and should get under way without further delay. The restoration and renewal programme must not be derailed by political point scoring.”

In a parliamentary debate on Thursday 16 July, the Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg responded to concerns from MPs about the Prime Minister’s suggestion, saying that the move was “highly unlikely” but that it is “a matter for parliamentarians as to where this House sits.”

Kenny concluded that “it is clear that the health and safety of the thousands of staff who work so hard to keep parliament functioning remains a secondary consideration to party politics.”


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