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Monday 14 August 2017

Report attacking DWP pay shows “blatant disregard for the facts”, says FDA union

Responding to a report in the Mirror naming and shaming civil servants working in the DWP for their remuneration, Jawad Raza, FDA National Officer for DWP, said:

"We are disappointed to read yet another report attacking the pay of hard working civil servants without giving the whole story.

"Senior civil servants have delivered billions of pounds worth of savings since 2010 with an ever reducing workforce. These are highly skilled professionals working in challenging circumstances and they deserve to be adequately remunerated without having their names and faces spread across news pages.

"As we've stressed before, Directors working across the civil service now earn 51% less than their private sector counterparts, with the gap increasing to 62% for Directors General.

"Performance related awards in the civil service are subject to stringent criteria and are not paid as an automatic entitlement. The majority of senior civil servants do not receive them and often performance awards are made to substitute pay increases which have been limited to 1% for the past seven years.

"The Members of Parliament joining the chorus of criticism are yet another example of elected officials taking aim at civil servants for their own political gain, knowing full well those they attack cannot answer back.

"The Universal Credit system was created by a former Secretary of State and civil servants are tasked with delivering it. They should not be used as targets for political opponents of the system for simply doing their jobs.

"The suggestion that these civil servants have been "rewarded for failure" shows a blatant disregard for the facts regarding their pay and wilfully misrepresents the true complexity of their roles."
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