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Friday 12 October 2018

The FDA calls for a meaningful pay rise as Crown prosecutors face 20% real terms pay cut

The FDA demands the Government fund a pay rise for Crown prosecutors in light of the recommendation on judges’ pay by the Senior Salaries Review Body.

The SSRB recommended that the judiciary receive increases of up to 32%, and that Crown Court judges receive a 22% pay rise.

National Officer Steven Littlewood said: “The independent review body has rightly made its recommendations based on factors including increased workloads, recruitment issues and low morale, but these are problems throughout the criminal justice system and for Crown prosecutors in particular.

"If Crown Court judges deserve a 22% pay rise then how can it be right for a Crown prosecutor appearing before them in court to have suffered a 20% real terms pay cut?

"The Government needs to urgently reassess Crown prosecutor pay and adequately compensate CPS staff who protect the public while dealing with understaffing, increased workloads and stagnant pay.”
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