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FDA and the Civil Service Fast Stream

The FDA is the only trade union recognised by the Cabinet Office to represent Fast Stream civil servants. We welcome individuals from all Fast Stream schemes ­– from generalist to diplomatic service, finance to commercial, human resources to project delivery. All Fast Stream members are offered the first six months of their FDA membership for free, with reduced subscription rates during their time on the programme.


Why should Fast Stream civil servants join the FDA?

1. We are there for you when you need help at work

“The FDA’s help was essential in overturning my Must Improve rating after a bad posting. Without the support and encouragement of the union I wouldn’t have felt able to challenge it.” Helen, FDA Fast Stream member 
“The FDA has been invaluable in ensuring that I received the reasonable adjustments I need to do the job.” Hasan, FDA Fast Stream member  

Each year, the FDA helps members faced with problematic performance appraisals; relocations; reasonable adjustments; posting appeals; End of Posting Reviews (EPRs); Development Trajectory Assessments (DTAs); redundancy; discrimination; bullying; harassment; disciplinary charges and dismissal. We help secure reasonable adjustments and, when appropriate, even take our members’ cases to court.

Whatever your workplace issue, we are here with advice and with action to help resolve it.

2. We improve your pay and conditions

The FDA is the only union to bargain for Fast Stream employees.

• We secured the two-year uplift 

• We gained improvements in terms and conditions for those on the central schemes 

• We have fought for the interests of Fast Stream employees on generalist and specialist schemes through the Transformation programme

• We won Fast Stream civil servants the right to ballot in 2019, meaning for the first time ever you can vote on pay deals

3. We support your career development

Every year, we help thousands of people develop their careers though our professional development programme FDA Learn

We also organise FDA Fast Stream events, including breakfast networking sessions and talks on a range of topics – from parliamentary process to getting into grade 7  –  designed to help our members gain the knowledge and tools to progress their careers.  

4. We lobby on your behalf and speak up for you

Public servants can’t always speak up for themselves, so we promote the positive work you do and combat falsehoods – wherever they come from. 

We recognise Fast Stream civil servants aren’t always confident speaking out when they have a problem, but the Fast Stream Section is always happy to make the case on behalf of its members. 

In 2019, we lobbied ministers, the government’s Chief People Officer and the Treasury Permanent Secretary on the issue of Fast Stream pay, and publicly called out the cuts to Fast Stream performance bonuses.

5. We help save you money

You can save money through our exclusive set of FDA Portfolio deals, and as an FDA Fast Stream member you can get an NUS card.

Steven Littlewood

National Officer

Steven is the FDA National Officer for the civil service Fast Stream.


"Fast Stream pay is not an adjunct or optional extra. Our members are civil servants and should be treated fairly."

23 September 2019 | By FDA Fast Stream Section

“It’s clear from these striking results that Fast Stream pay as it stands is no longer fit for purpose," says FDA National Officer Steven Littlewood.

21 March 2019

Fast streamers from all departments are invited to join us at our event on Wednesday, 28 November.

21 November 2018

The only recognised union for Fast Streamers

Join now and get first 6 months of membership free

21st Sep 2020
Join your union for the comradeship, for being part of the bigger picture, and for making a positive difference for others. But most of all, join because it’s fun, writes former Fast Streamer Lizzie Houghton.
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