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FDA in HM Revenue & Customs

We represent managers and professionals in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from grades HO and above, including those on the Fast Stream and Graduate Training Programmes.

FDA members working for HMRC belong to our ARC section. 

Why should HMRC staff join the FDA?

1. We are there for you when you need help at work

“The level of professionalism and specialist advice my union rep has given me would have cost thousands of pounds if I’d instructed a legal firm to represent me (and I doubt they would have been as good as my rep!) I cannot urge people strongly enough to support the FDA  and to make sure they have this amazing insurance policy.” ARC member
“My union rep has been what I can only describe as a real life-saver for me over a very challenging and prolonged period of time. They went far beyond supporting me through gruelling internal procedures, making sure my emotional welfare as well as professional welfare was taken care of too. There have been some really dark times, and without that all-encompassing support I would have felt completely isolated and vulnerable. I really don’t know how I would have managed.” ARC member

Whatever your workplace issue, we will advise and act on your behalf, and make sure that it gets resolved. Whether you’re facing unfair dismissal, a problematic appraisal, pay discrepancy, disciplinary and capability issues, discrimination, redundancy, bullying or harassment – we are here for you.

2. We fight and win for you

In 2018, we challenged HMRC on increased pension contributions due to pay rise delays and got a refund of additional contributions paid to more than 1,200 members of staff. We managed to get this backdated to the previous year, meaning all members who were caught on this cliff edge were reimbursed. 

We also negotiated with HMRC in 2018 to finally have the punitive Attendance Management system changed (including removal of pointless mandatory letters victimising the sick). Through these discussions, we convinced  HMRC to move towards a better system of helping people get better, rather than simply reducing sick leave. 

During spring 2019, we brought our HMRC equal pay case to the Court of Appeal – a case which has huge implications on all staff working for the department. 

3. We speak up for you

Public servants can’t always speak up for themselves, so we promote the positive work you do. We defend HMRC staff in the media and always stands up for their integrity and professionalism.

4. We support your professional development

We’ve helped more than 3,700 people develop their careers though our FDA Learn professional development courses. Partnered with Dods, we host Women into Leadership and BAME into Leadership conferences, as well as Unlocking the SCS workshops. Our members receive significant discounts on tickets to these events . 

We are currently organising training and development events specifically for HMRC staff, which will be free of charge and available to all members.

5. We make HMRC a better place to work

We played a pivotal role in producing the Respect at Work review, which highlighted the key problems HMRC must face – including the attendance management policy, grievance procedure and disability adjustment issues. The department is now addressing these matters, and the union will continue to push for meaningful change. We make sure workplaces are kept to a high standard. 

We fought HMRC’s decision to pull the budget for the refurbishment of Belfast’s Carne House – and we won. 

We were a key stakeholder in the changes to the performance management system, the removal of forced distribution and the creation of a new measure that allows people to discuss their development without fear of censure. 

Tom Langrish

President of ARC

Tom is President of ARC, the FDA's section for members working in HMRC.

Lauren Crowley

National Officer

Lauren is the FDA National Officer for HMRC.

9th Apr 2024
The FDA welcomes the inclusion of our proposals in Labour’s plan for large scale investment into HMRC’s compliance and customer service work, and is pleased they understand the need to invest in HMRC to close the tax gap.
21st May 2024
Tommy Newell reports on the FDA/ARC's proposals on investment into HMRC for any future government - suggesting £910m will return £11.3bn to the Treasury over the course of a parliament - being picked up by the Labour party.
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