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SSRB 2020: Performance management

The SSRB states that “we continue to hear from our discussions with SCS members, there remains a widespread lack of confidence in the current performance management system. We acknowledge that there have been short-term tactical steps to address some of our previous concerns, for example, in relation to the removal of forced distribution. However, there does not yet appear to be a long-term strategy for performance management. A holistic review of the system, for which we have been pressing since 2016, has still not been undertaken”

The SSRB highlights that this is an underlying strategic issue which needs to be addressed and that it will need to be compatible with the new pay progression system and forms part of a coherent reward package.

The Cabinet Office has said that a full review of performance management will be undertaken in 2020 with changes implemented from 2021-22. The SSRB have stated that they “expect to see meaningful progress towards development of a new system in the evidence for the next round, alongside a clear implementation plan”

The FDA response

Whilst acknowledging the intention of the Cabinet Office to implement changes to the performance management system, it is hard to see how this will be achieved given we have had no read out from the Department for Education pilot or any details of what a new system will look like.

The performance management system is not fit for purpose. The SSRB states that there remained a strong perception of unfairness and disengagement with the performance management system, which is corroborated by our evidence. While the decision to end forced distribution and the 25 per cent cap on non-consolidated bonuses was welcome, there has not been a discernible change felt by SCS members.

Next steps

We will be engaging with the Cabinet Office in our monthly meetings on performance management developments

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