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SSRB 2020: Central, devolved and departmental control

The SSRB continues to flag the continuing tensions, particularly in the SCS, between a central approach to pay and more localised arrangements:

“We are increasingly aware of tensions between a UK-wide SCS pay framework and the pay policies operating across the different governments. For a number of years, SCS members working in the Scottish and Welsh governments have not received non-consolidated bonuses due to the pay policies operated locally by the respective administrations. We understand that in Scotland, savings generated by not distributing the non-consolidated performance bonus pot in 2019 were used to introduce a simple pay progression system with five levels of target pay. There is a clear divergence between the centralised SCS pay framework and its application in Scotland.”

FDA response

The FDA recognises the tensions but was instrumental in delivering a negotiated pay and progression settlement for 2020 for the SCS in Scotland and a pay settlement in Wales.

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