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Free webinar: Thinking collectively whilst working remotely


To make headway in these uncertain and fast-changing times, we need fresh thoughts and ideas. But how can we develop these when we can’t simply gather around a flipchart or whiteboard? This webinar will help you understand how to set things up so people feel safe and encouraged to bring new thinking to the virtual table, we’ll discuss new ways you can tap into the collective wisdom and encourage creative thinking, and we’ll explore the opportunities that start to open up when you gather virtually.

Watch this webinar if you’d like to:

  • Learn how to get your people thinking well together even when they’re all in different places. We’ll look at what needs to be present for people to think well for themselves and how to make it safe for people to speak up and speak out in a group.
  • Be more confident you’re getting to grips with the right problems. We’ll explore how you can use your team’s time and energy wisely to gather the information you need to move forward, and how to crystallise the challenge you face so you can all work on it together.
  • Tap into the creativity of your virtual team to come up with possible solutions. Learn how to use online opportunities to go beyond brainstorming and set things up for good decision-making.

This webinar’s for you if you want to make the most of the people around you, tap into virtual wisdom far and wide, and come up with better solutions to the challenges you’re facing.

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