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Redundancy and job security

We campaign to protect civil service redundancy terms and work with employers to ensure that all options are explored before anyone faces redundancy.
If you are facing redundancy, we are here to ensure you are treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve. Before anyone in the civil service faces the prospect of redundancy, employers must ensure that every possible action has been taken to avoid it. FDA has led the negotiations on a civil service wide Protocol to avoid redundancy and our agreement ensure that individual employers, as well as the service as a whole, does all they can to avoid redundancies.

The FDA supports hundreds of members each year as they leave the civil service, be that through voluntary redundancy, compulsory redundancy or voluntary exit.

We campaign to protect members’ redundancy terms and have played a leading role in complex negotiations regarding changes to the Civil Service Compensation scheme.

The FDA always works to secure the best possible terms for members leaving the civil service by engaging in constructive dialogue with civil service employers and the Government.

We continue to oppose any cuts to civil service redundancy terms and will stand up for members whenever these are threatened.
10th Apr 2019
FDA General Secretary Dave Penman has accused Liz Truss, the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, of being “completely disingenuous” when announcing a cap on public sector exit payments.

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